Romblon Escapade: 7 Helpful Travel Packing Hacks You Need to Know

Romblon seems to be a hidden gem in the Philippines. Unfortunately, it is one of the country’s least visited and tourist-friendly provinces.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to know how to pack cleverly before going on Rom: a world of unnecessary stress and packing mistakes lies just around the corner. Learning to pack efficiently can not only save you money but also allow you to spend more time enjoying what matters most – your destination!

1. Bring a water bottle and refill it when needed.

Don’t forget to bring water bottles or reusable containers to fill up fresh water when you find it on your way, or stay hydrated while enjoying the sights.

If you are planning to get an island hopping package (which might include Alad, Lugbon and Cobrador islands), you might want to bring snacks with you as the meals can be a bit delayed. Best to avoid buying food and drinks on the island so you can savor the local delicacies there.

2. Pack rash guard more than once.

Sometimes, you can only bring your swimsuit if it is stowed in your bag.

3. Be prepared for weather changes.

If there is one thing we’ll never have enough of while traveling, it would be clothes. And if there is one thing we always end up overpacking, it is clothes.

To avoid this, plan your OOTDs ahead of time. And we highly suggest rolling them when packing.

4. Go minimal on accessories and toiletries.

Always pack light and smart! As much as possible, only bring things you are familiar with. Less is more for traveling, so pack only the necessities: packable carry-on items, toiletries and clothes.

5. Bring a waterproof pouch to protect your passport and cash.

You may want to bring a second copy of your passport or an ID just in case you lose either one. Also, it pays to have an extra set of cash as well, especially if you’re buying something from a street vendor/store that only accepts cash.

6. If your destination involves a lot of walking, take it slow and take the time to learn about your surroundings.

Take this as an opportunity to stay away from gadgets, stressful people, and any sign of modern life. Exercise is a must, especially when you’re in a place where it’s hard to reach for food and drinks. Stay fit and strong!

7. Be smart about dressing on the beach or at the waterfalls.

Depending on the destination that you are visiting, some areas do not allow bikinis too. Proper attire can help avoid unnecessary questions regarding your reason for being there.

Bringing a sarong with you can go a long way!


Romblon is a gorgeous province and an exotic destination that most people are unfamiliar with. It is the perfect place to escape life’s hustle and bustle. So pack smart, travel Romblon – see you there!

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