About Paseo de Magdiwang Sibuyan Romblon

About Paseo de Magdiwang Sibuyan Romblon

Welcome to the breathtaking Paseo de Magdiwang in Sibuyan, Romblon! This hidden gem is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Surrounded by lush greenery and stunning natural wonders, this tranquil spot offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or an exciting outdoor experience, Paseo de Magdiwang has something for everyone. So let’s dive into the history, attractions, and travel tips that await you at this enchanting destination.

Location of Paseo de Magdiwang

Located in the heart of Sibuyan Island in Romblon, Paseo de Magdiwang is a natural paradise that boasts stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. This scenic spot can be found at the foot of Mount Guiting-Guiting, one of the highest peaks in the Philippines.

To get to Paseo de Magdiwang, visitors must first reach the town center of Magdiwang. From there, they can take a scenic hike or rent a motorcycle to reach this hidden gem. The journey may be challenging but it’s well worth it for those seeking adventure and tranquility.

Despite its remote location, Paseo de Magdiwang offers easy access to several popular tourist destinations on Sibuyan Island such as Cantingas River and Lambingan Falls. It’s also surrounded by dense forests and mountains which make it an ideal basecamp for hikers looking to explore nearby trails.

Paseo de Magdiwang is a serene oasis that showcases some of the best natural wonders that Romblon has to offer. Its secluded location adds an air of exclusivity while providing ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts who seek untouched beauty off-the-beaten-path.

History of Paseo de Magdiwang

Paseo de Magdiwang is a picturesque park located in the heart of Sibuyan Island in Romblon. But do you know the history behind this beautiful attraction?

Historically, Paseo de Magdiwang was once known as “Plaza Real,” which served as a gathering place for locals during Spanish colonization. It was also used as a site for public executions and other significant events.

During World War II, the plaza was heavily damaged by bombings and gunfire. However, it was later restored to its former glory and renamed Paseo de Magdiwang after one of the revolutionary groups that fought against Spanish rule.

Today, visitors can stroll through the lush gardens featuring various plants and flowers or take a break on any of the benches placed throughout the park. There’s even an amphitheater where concerts and cultural performances are held from time to time.

Paseo de Magdiwang may have gone through many changes over time, but its rich history remains intact for all to learn from and appreciate while enjoying its natural beauty.

What to do in Paseo de Magdiwang?

Paseo de Magdiwang offers a variety of activities for tourists and locals alike. One can start their day by taking a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk, which offers stunning views of the ocean and nearby islands.

For those looking for adventure, there are several hiking trails in the area that lead to breathtaking waterfalls and natural pools where one can take a refreshing dip. The most popular trail is the hike up Mount Guiting-Guiting, known as one of the most challenging climbs in the Philippines.

Animal lovers will also enjoy visiting Paseo de Magdiwang’s butterfly sanctuary or birdwatching at nearby Cantingas River. There are plenty of opportunities to spot rare species such as Philippine eagles and hornbills.

For those who prefer a more laid-back experience, there are several picnic areas where visitors can relax with family and friends while enjoying some local delicacies like grilled seafood or kinilaw (a traditional Filipino ceviche).

Paseo de Magdiwang is perfect for nature lovers seeking adventure or tranquility amidst stunning scenery.

How to get to Paseo de Magdiwang?

To get to Paseo de Magdiwang in Sibuyan Island, Romblon, you have a few options depending on your starting point. If you’re coming from Manila or other major cities in the Philippines, the quickest way is to take a flight to Tugdan Airport in Tablas and then ride a ferry going to Sibuyan Island.

From Sibuyan Island’s main town of Cajidiocan, Paseo de Magdiwang is just an hour away by land transportation. You can rent a tricycle or hire a habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) for convenience.

Alternatively, if you’re already on Sibuyan Island and want to explore other nearby attractions before heading to Paseo de Magdiwang, you can join island hopping tours that usually include stops at Cresta De Gallo and neighboring beaches. Tours offer pick-up services from your accommodation.

Whichever mode of transportation you choose, prepare for bumpy rides as some roads are unpaved and rocky but be assured that the scenic views along the way will make up for it.

Accommodation in Paseo de Magdiwang

Paseo de Magdiwang may be a small barangay in Sibuyan Island, Romblon, but it has some great accommodation options for travelers. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly guesthouse or a more luxurious resort, Paseo de Magdiwang has something for everyone.

For those on a tight budget, there are several affordable guesthouses and homestays located within the vicinity of Paseo de Magdiwang. These accommodations offer basic amenities like comfortable beds, clean bathrooms and free Wi-Fi that will surely make your stay worthwhile.

If you’re looking to splurge on your vacation, there are also high-end resorts situated along the beachfront which offer stunning views of the sea. Most resorts in Paseo de Magdiwang provide excellent facilities such as swimming pools, spas and restaurants that serve delicious local cuisine.

Whichever type of accommodation you choose to book in Paseo de Magdiwang, rest assured that they all guarantee warm hospitality from their friendly staff. So whether you’re traveling solo or with family and friends, finding the perfect place to stay in this beautiful island paradise won’t be an issue at all!


Paseo de Magdiwang in Sibuyan, Romblon is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Its tranquil surroundings and picturesque scenery make it the perfect getaway for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Visitors can explore its rich history through its iconic landmarks, or immerse themselves in various outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, or simply lounging on the beach.

One thing’s for sure: there’s never a dull moment when you’re at Paseo de Magdiwang. With so much to see and do, this destination is definitely worth adding to your travel bucket list.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head over to Paseo de Magdiwang – where adventure awaits!

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