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Romblon: Promising A Home Away From Home Experience

Seated off the coast of Southern Luzon, Romblon is a province known for its unbeatable beauty and rich culture. Pristine beaches and idyllic life – a contrast to the bustling cities of Metro Manila – make the region a paradise for travelers.

But setting aside adjectives to describe the province’s beauty, the province is being recognized for becoming one of the places to call home. Read on to know what lies ahead in Romblon.

What's Hidden Behind Romblon's Unbeatable Natural Beauty

Romblon’s natural resources are rich and plentiful, ranging from stunning beaches and breathtaking forests to greeneries that lure travelers.

Best known for stunning marbles, Romblon is the home to beaches with tantalizing white sands and crystal clear waters, such as Bonbon beach and sandbar. Romblon also boasts several waterfalls, including Libtong Falls found in the southernmost tip of the region.

Romblon is also home to the Romblomanon tribe, the first inhabitants of the province. And just in case you are looking for a glimpse of the past, there are many historical spots that you can explore, such as Fort San Andres and Apunan Point Lighthouse.

What’s more intriguing about the province are the sumptuous delicacies. And for a bite to eat, try province palatable Sarsa, a dish filled with small shrimps blended with chili and young coconut. Sihi shells, popular local seafood, may also tickle your taste buds. For a tantalizing taste, try the dish’s priciest seafood, bananas sliced in half with the shell still intact.

But if you’d like to go green, then try Gayabon, Romblon’s version of Laing. You’ll surely ask why gayabon is called a ‘spicy dish.’ The sumptuous and satisfying dish has its origin in the province’s abundant coconut crops, which are used in the dishes’ preparation.

Cheap and Comfortable Vacation

Romblon’s lifestyle is relatively inexpensive and is ideal for those who care much about the economy. Compared to other provinces in Luzon, Romblon has lower electricity bills and cheaper food prices which makes living enjoyable and affordable.

It’s indeed a home away from home because aside from having lower prices of basic commodities and utilities, locals are also friendly, hospitable and accommodating. And if you’re looking for ways to cut down expenses during your stay in Romblon, there are several ways that you can take part.

We will be sharing secret tips and insider information about the province. Stay tuned!

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