Alibagon Beach Cajidiocan Romblon

Alibagon Beach Cajidiocan Romblon

Welcome to the hidden gem of Romblon, Alibagon Beach! Tucked away in the quaint town of Cajidiocan, this picturesque beach boasts crystal clear waters and powdery white sand that will leave you breathless. Whether you’re a nature lover seeking adventure or just looking for a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, Alibagon Beach is definitely worth a visit. In this blog post, we’ll guide you on how to get there and what to expect once you arrive. So buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable experience at Alibagon Beach in Cajidiocan, Romblon!

Alibagon Beach in Romblon

Nestled on the east coast of Romblon Island, Alibagon Beach is a hidden paradise that offers breathtaking views and crystal-clear waters. It’s located in the town of Cajidiocan, which is known for its lush greenery and rich history.

The beach stretches about a kilometer long and features powdery white sand that feels like silk between your toes. The calm waters are perfect for swimming, kayaking or even paddleboarding.

One notable feature of Alibagon Beach is its unique rock formations dotting the shoreline that add to its charm. These rocks offer scenic photo opportunities and make for an excellent spot to watch the sunrise/sunset.

Alibagon Beach may not be as popular as other beaches on Romblon Island, but it sure has lots to offer! With its stunning natural beauty combined with warm hospitality from locals, this hidden gem will leave you wanting more!

How to get there

Getting to Alibagon Beach in Cajidiocan, Romblon is easy and straightforward. There are several ways to reach this beautiful destination, depending on your preference and budget.

One way of getting there is by taking a plane from Manila or any major city in the Philippines to Tugdan Airport in Tablas Island. From there, you can take a tricycle or jeepney ride going to the port of San Agustin where you can catch a boat bound for Cajidiocan.

If you’re already in Romblon town proper, you can take a motorbike or tricycle ride going to the port. Boats that travel between Cajidiocan and Romblon usually operate daily, so it’s best to check their schedules beforehand.

Once you arrive at Cajidiocan pier, take another tricycle ride going straight to Alibagon Beach. It’s only about 10-15 minutes away from the pier!

No matter which mode of transport you choose, make sure to prepare yourself for some bumpy rides as roads leading up to Alibagon Beach may not be well-paved yet but hey! That’s part of the adventure!

What to expect

When visiting Alibagon Beach in Cajidiocan Romblon, one can expect to be welcomed by a serene and peaceful environment. The beach is not as crowded compared to other popular tourist spots in the Philippines, making it an ideal destination for those looking for a relaxing getaway.

The crystal clear waters of Alibagon Beach are perfect for swimming or simply lounging on the shore while enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Visitors can also try their hand at snorkeling and explore the diverse marine life that thrives beneath its surface.

Aside from its natural beauty, visitors can also expect to experience local culture through various activities such as island hopping tours and visits to nearby villages where they can interact with locals and learn about their way of life.

As night falls, guests can look forward to stargazing under clear skies while listening to the sound of waves lapping at the shore. With no clubs or bars around, visitors should expect a quiet evening but nonetheless memorable experience.

Travelers should anticipate a laid-back vacation filled with breathtaking scenery and authentic cultural experiences when visiting Alibagon Beach in Cajidiocan Romblon.

Things to do at Alibagon Beach

Alibagon Beach in Romblon is not just a beautiful stretch of sand and sea, but it also offers a range of activities that cater to different interests. For those who love water sports, you can go snorkeling or diving to explore the vibrant marine life underneath the crystal-clear waters.

If you prefer something more relaxing, you can simply bask in the sun while reading your favorite book or take a leisurely stroll along the beach during low tide. You can also rent an outrigger boat for island hopping and discover other hidden gems around Alibagon Beach such as Bonbon Island and Cobrador Island.

For adventurous souls, hiking up Mt. Guiting-guiting is highly recommended. The trail starts near Alibagon Beach which makes it convenient for trekkers who want to experience both nature and beach life in one trip.

Let’s not forget about food! Fresh seafood such as squid, fish, crabs and lobster are abundant in this area where fishing is still a way of life for many locals. Savor these delicacies by having them grilled on site or cooked traditional Filipino style at nearby eateries.

With all these exciting things to do at Alibagon Beach Cajidiocan Romblon, there’s never a dull moment when visiting this paradise destination!


To sum it up, Alibagon Beach in Cajidiocan Romblon is a must-visit destination for beach lovers who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With its pristine waters, powdery sand, and breathtaking views, you will surely find peace and relaxation while basking under the sun.

Getting there may require some effort but once you set foot on this beautiful island paradise, all your hard work will be worth it. Make sure to bring sunscreen, a hat or cap, and enough water as this place has limited shops that sell these essentials.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with family and friends, Alibagon Beach should definitely be on top of your bucket list when visiting Romblon. Experience nature at its finest by exploring this hidden gem before it gets too crowded with tourists.

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