Bon Bon Beach

romblon island

Bon Bon Beach

Romblon Island is the hub of the Romblon Province and home to the famous Bonbon Beach. However, there is a slew of other attractions just waiting to be discovered. Romblon had arguably the best beaches of all the islands in the Romblon Province, which made it a much more relaxing island. However, it also had its fair share of waterfalls, island hopping, and epic viewpoints. I put together this list of the highlights from our stay on Romblon Island.

Don’t be confused. Romblon is the province, which is made up of Romblon Island, Sibuyan Island, Carabao Island, Tablas Island and another 15 or so smaller land masses. So when you hear Romblon, people may be talking about the province but generally, people call it Romblon, Romblon when they are referring to the Island of Romblon itself. Bloody confusing stuff!

Bonbon Beach on Romblon Island in the Philippines is one of the most beautiful stretches of sand in the world. It’s definitely the best beach in the Romblon Province and the sandbar makes it an iconic location in the region.

Bonbon Beach in Romblon is located only 3km from the Poblacion (main town). I even jogged here one morning from my accommodation, Stone Creek House. There aren’t too many epic beaches like this one on the doorstep of the main town and the ferry port!

The main drawcards for the beach are the crystal clear water but mostly the sandbar, which links the island of Romblon to a Bang-og Island. It is possible to cross the sandbar to the island at low-tide but you must be careful not to get stuck out there when the tide rises and the sandbar becomes submerged. At high tide, the sandbar is about waist deep and at low tide, it is obviously full exposed.

Flying the drone at Bonbon beach was incredibly fun. To see the sandbar from the air was just one of those travel moments you never forget. For me the picture defines paradise. Crystal clear water and a sandbar leading to a mysterious, uninhabited island. It doesn’t get much better and is definitely drone heaven.

It’s just you and me in paradise. 🌊✨
Travel with love in 2021! 💗
Bonbon Beach 👣
Romblon, Romblon

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