Brgy Anahao Odiongan 

Brgy Anahao Odiongan 

Welcome to Anahao, a charming and vibrant barangay located in the heart of Odiongan Tablas! This hidden gem is sure to captivate you with its stunning natural beauty, warm hospitality, and welcoming locals. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, Anahao has something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything that makes Anahao so special – from its rich history to its exciting attractions. So sit back, relax and let’s dive into the wonders of Brgy Anahao Odiongan Tablas!

About Anahao

Nestled in the heart of Odiongan Tablas, Anahao is a picturesque and charming barangay that’s sure to take your breath away. With its pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, lush greenery and warm hospitality, Anahao is truly a paradise on earth.

One of the things that make Anahao unique is its stunning natural beauty. From the rolling hills to the pristine beaches and turquoise waters, there’s no shortage of breathtaking scenery here. Whether you’re looking for some peace and quiet or an adventure-filled vacation, Anahao has it all.

Aside from its natural beauty, Anahao is also home to some friendly locals who are always ready to welcome visitors with open arms. The community here is tight-knit and welcoming – making it easy for tourists to feel at home in this beautiful oasis.

If you’re looking for a destination that combines stunning natural beauty with warm hospitality and exciting attractions, then look no further than Brgy Anahao Odiongan Tablas!

Anahao’s location

Anahao is a barangay located in the municipality of Odiongan, Tablas Island. It is situated on the eastern coast of Tablas and has a beautiful shoreline that stretches for miles. The location of Anahao makes it easily accessible to visitors who want to explore the island’s best beaches.

If you’re traveling from Manila, you can take a direct flight to Tablas Airport or fly to Kalibo International Airport, then proceed by land or sea transportation. Once you arrive at Odiongan port, it will only take about 20-30 minutes’ drive before reaching Anahao.

The village is surrounded by lush vegetation and coconut trees that provide ample shade during hot summer days. A serene river runs parallel with the beach where visitors can cool off and swim in its refreshing waters.

Anahao’s strategic location also offers easy access to neighboring villages such as Lonos, Agpudlos, Balogo, among others. These villages are worth visiting if you want to experience rural life in Tablas Island.

Anahao’s location plays a significant role in making it an ideal destination for tourists who seek adventure and relaxation away from crowded cities’ hustle and bustle.

The people of Anahao

The people of Anahao are the heart and soul of this charming barangay in Odiongan Tablas. They are known for their warm hospitality, cheerful disposition, and strong sense of community.

Despite facing challenges such as limited job opportunities and lack of access to basic services like healthcare, the people of Anahao remain resilient and resourceful. Many engage in farming, fishing or handicraft making to sustain their livelihoods.

The community is tight-knit with most residents being related by blood or marriage. This has led to a culture that values unity and cooperation above all else. It’s not uncommon to see neighbors helping each other out with tasks like repairing homes or tending crops.

In addition to their welcoming nature, the people of Anahao also take pride in preserving their cultural heritage. Traditional practices such as dancing during fiestas and weaving banig mats are still passed down from generation to generation.

It’s hard not to be charmed by the warmth and friendliness of the people of Anahao. Visiting this barangay offers a unique opportunity for travelers to experience genuine Filipino hospitality at its best!

What to do in Anahao

Brgy Anahao in Odiongan Tablas is a hidden gem that offers many exciting activities for visitors. If you are looking for a peaceful and serene place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, then Anahao is your perfect destination.

One of the most popular attractions in Anahao is its stunning beaches. You can enjoy sunbathing, swimming or just lazing around on the beach while enjoying the tranquil surroundings. The clear blue waters are also perfect for snorkeling and diving if you want to explore marine life.

If water sports do not interest you, there are other outdoor activities available such as trekking or hiking through lush forests with breathtaking views of surrounding mountains. Additionally, visitors can rent a bike to cycle around town and soak up local culture by visiting nearby villages where traditional crafts like weaving baskets from bamboo or making coconut oil soap still thrive.

Don’t forget to try out some delicious seafood dishes made with freshly caught fish straight from Brgy Anahao’s waters!

Anahao’s history

Anahao’s history can be traced back to the pre-colonial era when it was inhabited by indigenous peoples who primarily relied on fishing and farming for their livelihood. According to local folklore, Anahao got its name from a giant clam locally known as “Aninipot.”

During the Spanish colonial period, Anahao became part of the municipality of Odiongan, named after Datu Odiong who once ruled over the area. It remained a small barrio until 1957 when it was established as an independent barangay.

In 1973, Anahao played a significant role in Philippine history when it served as one of the strongholds of communist guerrillas during the height of insurgency in rural areas. This led to intense military operations that affected many innocent civilians.

Today, Anahao is a peaceful and thriving barangay that has seen much development over recent years. Its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty continue to attract tourists seeking an authentic experience of rural life in Tablas Island.


To sum it up, Brgy Anahao Odiongan Tablas is a hidden gem in the province of Romblon that offers visitors an authentic experience of rural life. It boasts a rich history and culture, friendly locals, and stunning natural attractions such as waterfalls and beaches.

Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, Anahao has something to offer. From trekking to Cabatucan Cave or swimming at Paho Beach to experiencing the local fiestas and delicacies, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

So next time you’re planning a trip to Romblon, make sure to include Brgy Anahao Odiongan Tablas in your itinerary. You won’t regret immersing yourself in its unique charm and beauty!

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