Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas

Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas

Welcome to the vibrant and culturally rich Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas! This charming barangay located in the heart of Tablas Island is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. With its fascinating history, friendly locals, and unique culture, Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas is a must-visit destination for travelers who want to experience the best that Romblon has to offer. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas so special and why it deserves a spot on your travel itinerary. So get ready for an adventure as we explore this enchanting barangay together!

What is Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas?

Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas is a small but lively barangay located in the municipality of Alcantara, Romblon. It’s situated in the northeastern part of Tablas Island and is known for its pristine beaches, lush green hills, and breathtaking landscapes.

The barangay got its name from two sitios – Bonlao and Alcantara – that were merged to form one community. The area was once home to a thriving fishing village until it became an independent barangay on January 1, 1965.

Today, Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas is a bustling community with around 2,000 residents who are mostly engaged in agriculture and fishing. Visitors can expect warm hospitality from the locals who take pride in their rich culture and traditions.

Tourists will find plenty of things to do in Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas such as hiking up Mount Lipata or going island hopping at nearby destinations like Carabao Island or Boracay. For those who prefer a more laid-back experience, there are several beaches where you can relax under the sun while enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.

The History of Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas

Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas is a small yet vibrant barangay located in the southern part of Tablas Island, Romblon. Its history dates back to the pre-colonial era where its land was inhabited by indigenous peoples known as Negritos. Later on, it became a part of the Spanish colonial empire and eventually fell under American rule.

During World War II, Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas played a significant role in fighting against the Japanese occupation forces. The locals joined forces with Filipino soldiers to resist and ultimately defeat the enemy troops.

In 1948, Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas gained independence from its mother town of Santa Maria and became an independent municipality named after their beloved hero General Mariano Riego de Dios who fought bravely during World War II.

Today, Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas continues to thrive as an agricultural community producing crops such as rice, corn, coconut products and fruits like bananas and mangoes. Its rich history can be seen through its well-preserved heritage houses that showcase traditional architecture dating back to colonial times.

The People of Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas

The people of Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature. They welcome visitors with open arms and treat them as part of their family, making it a perfect destination for tourists who want to experience the Filipino culture.

The residents of Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas are predominantly farmers, fishermen, and artisans. They work hard every day to provide for their families and contribute to the local economy. Despite facing challenges such as typhoons and economic hardships, they remain resilient and optimistic about the future.

One unique aspect of this community is how they preserve their traditions and customs through celebrations like fiestas or parades. The locals dress up in colorful costumes while performing traditional dances that showcase their cultural heritage.

Another notable characteristic of the people in this barangay is their strong sense of community spirit. They come together during times of need, whether it’s helping each other rebuild after a natural disaster or supporting one another through personal struggles.

The people of Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas are an essential component in keeping this small but vibrant community thriving. Their unwavering dedication towards preserving their culture while adapting to modern ways make them an excellent example for others to follow.

The Culture of Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas

Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas is a place where culture plays an important role in the lives of its people. This small village has preserved its unique cultural heritage, which makes it stand out from other barangays in Tablas Island.

One of the most prominent aspects of Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas’ culture is their celebration of fiestas. The locals prepare for months to make sure that every aspect of the event is perfect. From decorations to food, everything is meticulously planned and executed. During these festivities, visitors can experience traditional dances such as Tinikling and Carinosa.

Aside from festivals, Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas also takes pride in their traditional crafts such as basket weaving and pottery making. These skills have been passed down from generation to generation and are still being practiced today by some members of the community.

Another interesting part of their culture is their belief in supernatural beings like duwendes (dwarves) and engkantos (enchanted beings). They believe that these creatures inhabit certain places around the barangay and must be respected by humans who enter those areas.

Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas’ rich cultural traditions provide a glimpse into what life was like before modernization took over. It’s evident that they value their customs deeply, which helps them maintain a strong sense of identity amidst changing times.


Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas is a place worth exploring for its rich history, diverse culture, and warm people. Its natural beauty and scenic views are also something that visitors can enjoy. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the community or simply want to experience the laid-back island life in Tablas, Brgy Bonlao Alcantara Tablas has something for everyone.

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