Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas

Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas

Welcome to Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas, a quaint and charming barangay nestled in the heart of Tablas Island. This hidden gem boasts an abundance of natural beauty, rich history, and friendly locals that are sure to make your stay unforgettable. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas offers something for everyone. Join us as we take a closer look at what makes this barangay so special!


Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas has a rich and colorful history that dates back to ancient times. The first inhabitants of the barangay were the indigenous Tagbanua people, who lived off the land and sea for centuries. It wasn’t until the 1800s when Spanish colonizers arrived on Tablas Island that Brgy Buli San Agustin began to take shape as a distinct settlement.

Throughout its history, Brgy Buli San Agustin has seen periods of prosperity and hardship. During World War II, many residents were forced to flee their homes due to Japanese occupation. In the years following the war, however, the community rallied together to rebuild and thrive once again.

Today, Brgy Buli San Agustin is a bustling barangay with a proud heritage that can be seen in its architecture, cuisine, and cultural traditions. Visitors are encouraged to explore this fascinating history by visiting local landmarks such as historic churches or participating in traditional festivals like Ati-Atihan or Sinulog celebrations!


Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas is a beautiful place located in the heart of Romblon province. It boasts of its natural beauty that attracts both local and international tourists. With an area of 5,000 hectares, Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas is situated at the foot of Mt. Guiting-guiting and surrounded by lush vegetation.

The geography of this barangay offers a diverse terrain ranging from sharp cliffs to rolling hills covered with greenery. Numerous streams run through this region promoting agriculture and fishing activities throughout the year.

Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas’ coastline stretches over 13 kilometers along Sibuyan Sea, offering breathtaking views and beautiful beaches like Alcantara Beach which is famous for its crystal clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling activities.

Moreover, its rich soil allows farmers to grow various crops such as rice, corn, root crops, fruits trees like lanzones, rambutan among others.

Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas geography provides numerous opportunities for nature lovers who enjoy hiking trails with scenic vistas or simply relaxing on white sandy beaches while gazing out into turquoise blue water.


Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas is a small town located in the heart of Romblon province, Philippines. As of 2020, it has an estimated population of around 3,000 people living in its six barangays or districts. The community here is tightly-knit and residents are known for their warm hospitality.

The diversity among the locals is one feature that makes Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas unique. While most residents are Tagalog-speaking Filipinos, there are also ethnic groups from Visayas and Mindanao who have settled here over the years. This mix of cultures creates a rich tapestry that reflects on local customs, traditions and even cuisine.

Despite being a small town, demographics in Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas continues to evolve as more young professionals move back home to work remotely or start their own businesses. There has been a surge in real estate development projects lately which signals positive growth for this peaceful locality.

Demographics paint an interesting picture of how diverse yet close-knit the community is within Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas. With more opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship sprouting up each year, we can only expect this small town’s population to continue growing at a steady pace while preserving its vibrant culture along the way.

Local Government

The Barangay Buli San Agustin Tablas has a duly-elected barangay council that serves as the local government unit for the community. The council is composed of a Punong Barangay, seven Sangguniang Barangay Members and appointed officials who work together to promote peace, order, safety and development in the area.

The Punong Barangay serves as the captain of the barangay ship, leading and enacting programs that benefit all constituents. Meanwhile, Sangguniang Barangays Members are responsible for helping formulate policies and ordinances that will ensure progress within their jurisdiction.

In addition to this elected body, there are other appointed officials who help with administrative tasks like keeping records up-to-date or ensuring public health standards are met. Together they form an efficient team dedicated to providing essential services such as healthcare services, vaccination drives during pandemics or natural calamities relief operations.

As part of Local Government Unit (LGU), it’s mandatory for them to conduct regular consultations with locals to identify their needs and gather feedback about ongoing projects. With these insights in mind, they can create action plans aligned with community goals while also addressing problems head-on.

Having an active local government ensures transparency in governance while promoting growth opportunities at every level – from education initiatives to infrastructure programs designed specifically for each community need.


Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas is a developing community in the Romblon province. Despite being a small barangay, Brgy Buli has been making progress in terms of infrastructure development over the years.

One notable improvement is the construction of concrete roads that connect different parts of the barangay. These roads have made transportation easier and more accessible for both residents and visitors.

In addition, there are ongoing projects aimed at improving water supply systems in Brgy Buli. This is an important development since access to clean water can greatly impact public health and sanitation.

Another infrastructure worth mentioning is the establishment of a Barangay Health Center which provides health services to its constituents. It offers basic medical check-ups, maternal care programs, vaccination services, among others.

There has been an initiative from local leaders to improve internet connectivity in Brgy Buli. This move will be beneficial not only for educational purposes but also for businesses that rely on online platforms.

These developments show how much progress Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas has made when it comes to infrastructure development despite its small size as a barangay.


Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas has an agricultural-based economy, with farming and fishing being the primary sources of livelihood for its residents. The fertile soil in the area is suitable for growing various crops such as rice, vegetables, fruits, and root crops.

Farmers utilize traditional farming methods to grow their produce. They usually sell their harvests in local markets or directly to buyers from other towns or cities. Aside from agriculture, some families engage in small-scale fishing activities along the coastlines of Brgy Buli.

Local entrepreneurs also contribute to the barangay’s economy by operating sari-sari stores (small convenience stores) that provide basic goods and services to its residents. Some households are also engaged in poultry-raising or swine-fattening businesses.

In recent years, there have been efforts to develop eco-tourism in the barangay as a means of boosting its economic growth. This includes promoting community-based tourism programs that showcase Brgy Buli’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

While Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas may be considered a rural area without significant industrialization yet; it thrives on self-sufficiency through agriculture-based livelihoods along with small businesses which sustainably improves their economy over time.


One of the most exciting things about Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas is its potential for tourism. This barangay is home to some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the country, making it an ideal destination for tourists who are looking to relax and unwind.

One of the top attractions in Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas is its crystal-clear waters, which are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Visitors can explore the diverse marine life that call these waters home, including vibrant corals and schools of colorful fish.

Another must-see attraction in this barangay is its lush forests and scenic hiking trails. Hiking enthusiasts can take on challenging hikes with stunning views or opt for more leisurely strolls along nature trails that wind through local communities.

In addition to natural wonders, visitors can also immerse themselves in local culture by visiting traditional markets or attending cultural festivals. These events offer a glimpse into rural life on Tablas Island and give visitors a chance to interact with locals while sampling traditional foods and crafts.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas has something for everyone. With so much natural beauty to discover and so many opportunities to connect with local residents, this barangay is truly one of the Philippines’ hidden gems!

Notable People

Notable People

Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas has produced many notable individuals who have made a significant impact in their respective fields. One of the most prominent personalities from this area is former Philippine Congressman Salvador H. Escudero III, who served as a representative for Sorsogon’s First District.

Another notable personality from Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas is Dr. Jose Macario Tiu, a renowned physician and philanthropist who has dedicated his life to providing medical care to underprivileged communities in the Philippines.

Other famous people from this barangay include educators such as Eufrocina Atienza Tiu and Teresita Carpio Rivera, and community leaders like Romeo B. Cabarles Sr., who played an instrumental role in promoting sustainable agriculture practices in the area.

Brgy Buli San Agustin Tablas may be a small barangay located on the island of Tablas, but it has a rich history and vibrant community that continues to thrive despite its challenges. From its stunning natural beauty to its proud culture and traditions, there are plenty of reasons why visitors should consider exploring this hidden gem of Romblon province.

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