Brgy Canyayo Santa Fe Tablas

Brgy Canyayo Santa Fe Tablas

Welcome to the breathtaking Barangay Canyayo in Santa Fe Tablas! Located in the western part of Romblon, this charming town boasts of its splendid natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. If you’re looking for a perfect getaway destination that offers tranquility, adventure, and culture all in one place, then Barangay Canyayo is definitely a must-visit. Come with us as we explore the hidden gems of this fascinating barangay and discover what makes it a truly unique tourist spot worth visiting!


Barangay Canyayo is situated in the northern part of Santa Fe, one of the biggest and most progressive towns in Tablas Island. This barangay boasts of its captivating natural beauty that comprises lush green forests, cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear rivers, and pristine beaches.

The terrain is mostly hilly with vast areas covered by coconut trees and other tropical plants. The climate in Barangay Canyayo is generally warm throughout the year but can be cooler during rainy seasons.

One of the highlights of this barangay’s geography is its stunning coastline that stretches for miles along the Sibuyan Sea. Here you’ll find picturesque white sand beaches such as Tiamban Beach where you can swim, sunbathe or just relax while enjoying fantastic views of neighboring islands.

Another attraction worth visiting here is Binucot Beach known for its crystal clear waters and coral reefs teeming with marine life. You can also explore more secluded coves like Lusong Cove which offers a serene atmosphere perfect for picnics or camping trips.

Barangay Canyayo’s fascinating geography makes it an ideal destination to experience nature at its best!


Brgy Canyayo in Santa Fe Tablas has a rich history dating back to the Spanish colonial period. The town was originally called “Canyaya” and was named after a group of settlers who established their homes near the riverbank.

During the Philippine Revolution, Brgy Canyayo became one of the hotspots for battles between Filipino revolutionaries and Spanish forces. The town’s strategic location made it an important point of defense for both sides.

In 1901, during the American occupation, Brgy Canyayo became part of Santa Fe municipality. Schools were built and infrastructure projects were implemented which helped spur economic growth in the area.

The World War II era saw Brgy Canyayo being used by Japanese forces as a garrison due to its strategic location overlooking Romblon Island’s east coast. Guerrilla fighters from nearby towns fought against these occupiers, leading to several skirmishes throughout this period.

Over time, Brgy Canayao has evolved into a peaceful rural community with strong cultural roots that honor their history and traditions. Today visitors can still admire well-preserved heritage structures such as old houses that have stood proudly through generations.


Brgy Canyayo Santa Fe Tablas is home to a diverse group of people. The population consists of locals who were born and raised in the area, as well as transients who have come from other parts of the country or even overseas.

Despite coming from different backgrounds, the people of Brgy Canyayo Santa Fe Tablas share common values such as hospitality and respect for their neighbors. They are known for their warm smiles and friendly demeanor which make visitors feel right at home.

The community has a strong sense of solidarity which can be seen in the way they work together to achieve common goals. This is evident in their celebrations such as fiestas where everyone comes together to prepare food, decorate streets, and participate in various activities.

Many people here earn a living through agriculture while others work in tourism-related industries. Despite facing challenges like typhoons and natural disasters that affect livelihoods, they remain resilient and optimistic about their future.

The people of Brgy Canyayo Santa Fe Tablas are an integral part of what makes this place special. Their warmth, resilience and unwavering spirit continue to inspire visitors every day.


Brgy Canyayo Santa Fe Tablas is a melting pot of different cultures. Its diverse community has resulted in a unique and colorful mix of traditions, beliefs, and practices.

One significant cultural practice in the barangay is the celebration of fiestas or festivals. These celebrations are usually held to honor their patron saint or as thanksgiving for bountiful harvests. During these festivities, locals showcase their talents in dancing, singing and cooking local delicacies.

The people’s way of life also reflects their culture. Despite modernization creeping into the area, many still adhere to traditional customs such as bayanihan (community work), which promotes unity among neighbors by helping each other with tasks like house construction or farming.

Religion also plays an essential role in Brgy Canyayo’s culture. Many residents are devout Catholics who attend mass regularly and participate in religious processions during special occasions.

Moreover, traditional crafts like weaving mats from pandan leaves continue to be passed down from generation to generation amongst families living within the barangay.

Brgy Canyayo Santa Fe Tablas’ culture radiates its unique blend of tradition and modernity that makes it stand out among others while preserving its identity through time.


Brgy Canyayo in Santa Fe Tablas is a hidden gem for tourists who are looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination. The barangay boasts of its pristine beaches, lush forests, and rich marine life that make it perfect for nature lovers.

One of the must-visit spots in Brgy Canyayo is the Alibatan Island where visitors can enjoy white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It’s also home to various sea creatures such as corals, fishes, and even sea turtles. Tourists can go snorkeling or diving to explore the island’s underwater world.

For those who prefer trekking amidst lush greenery, Mt. Opaco offers a challenging but rewarding hike with a stunning view of neighboring islands from its peak. Visitors can also spot different species of birds along the trail.

Brgy Canyayo offers a glimpse into local culture through their annual fiestas where residents showcase their traditions through dance performances and other festivities.

Brgy Canyayo is a beautiful destination that has something unique to offer every type of traveler – whether you’re after adventure or cultural immersion.


In terms of governance, Brgy Canyayo Santa Fe Tablas is under the jurisdiction of the local government unit (LGU) of Santa Fe. The barangay has its own set of elected officials, including a barangay captain and councilors who are responsible for addressing community concerns and implementing programs that benefit the residents.

The LGU of Santa Fe also ensures that basic services such as health care, education, and sanitation are provided to Brgy Canyayo and other barangays in their area. They work hand-in-hand with the national government in promoting economic growth and development in their locality.

Brgy Canyayo Santa Fe Tablas is a vibrant community with a rich history and culture. It boasts both natural beauty and man-made attractions that will surely leave visitors amazed. With its warm people, hospitable environment, delicious food offerings, amazing beaches, heritage sites to explore plus an organized system led by its local government unit; it’s no wonder why this small yet charming place continues to attract tourists from all over the world!

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