Busay falls

romblon island

Busay falls

Sibuyan Island, Romblon at a little past 1PM. We were hungry. We tried many times to look for eateries but their stock of food was no longer available. We were hungry. Then we tried going to go inside the public market and we got lucky to see a karinderya still open. The atmosphere wasn’t really conducive for eating as the karinderya was beside the river but the food tasted really good! The prices were affordable too.

We finished our meals at around 1:30PM. We though of what we should be doing for the rest of the day. We wanted to go to Cresta de Gallo but it was too expensive. That leaves us with nothing to do except to try going back to Busay Falls.From the town proper we decided to walk. Taking a right turn to the National Highway and asking people along the way where the small street is going to Busay Falls.

After about 15 minutes of walking we were back on the large dry river, walking back to the house where we took shelter from the rain on our first attempt. This time no rain could be felt but the sky was still white with clouds.

We followed the trail through thickening green plants and trees. Passing by houses with lumps of coconut husks from making copra.

There were 3 dogs that barked at us on one of the houses but the owner was very kind to hush them away. Plus she told us the way to the falls.

At around 3:40PM we decided to go back to town. Walking back to the rocky trail, back to the dogs, the big dried up river, into the small road and to the National Highway. This time faster. 45 minutes of walking back to town.

Busay Falls is not as spectacular as other falls I’ve seen but it’s one of my favorites as it has that untouched feeling. Void of tables and chairs, concrete pathways and huts. Plus I had to walk for an hour to get there. I hope it stays the same.

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