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Camantaya Primary School (

Welcome to Camantaya Primary School, where learning meets fun! Located in the heart of Camantaya, our school has been providing quality education to young minds for over a decade. Our mission is to nurture and develop well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in life. From state-of-the-art facilities to a diverse curriculum, we strive to create an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Join us as we take you on a journey through the history, facilities, curriculum, extracurricular activities and notable alumni of Camantaya Primary School!


Camantaya Primary School is situated in the charming town of Camantaya, which lies on the outskirts of the bustling city. Our school’s location offers the perfect blend of peaceful surroundings and easy accessibility. The lush green fields surrounding our campus provide a serene environment that promotes learning and growth.

The town itself is known for its rich cultural heritage, making it an ideal location for students to learn about different traditions and ways of life. Additionally, Camantaya has several parks, museums, and historical sites that students can visit during field trips or as part of their extracurricular activities.

Our school’s location also makes it easily accessible to parents who commute from nearby areas. We are located just off the main highway that connects Camantaya to other towns in the region. This ensures our students have access to all necessary amenities while enjoying a safe and secure environment conducive to academic excellence.


The history of Camantaya Primary School (Camantaya) dates back to the early 1900s. It was originally founded as a small community school that catered to the children in and around the Camantaya area. The school started with just a few students, but quickly grew in popularity due to its high-quality education.

Over the years, Camantaya Primary School has undergone several changes and improvements. In the mid-20th century, new buildings were constructed on campus to accommodate an increasing number of students. Today, it is considered one of the top primary schools in its region.

Throughout its history, Camantaya Primary School has remained committed to providing excellent education for all its students. From its humble beginnings as a small community school to becoming one of the most respected institutions today, this institution continues to strive towards academic excellence.

The legacy of Camantaya Primary School is evident through generations of successful alumni who have made significant contributions in various fields locally and globally. With their dedication towards quality education and commitment towards student success, it’s no surprise that this school remains one of the best choices for parents looking for an excellent primary education for their children today.

Buildings and Facilities

Camantaya Primary School is known for its impressive buildings and facilities, which offer a conducive environment for learning. Situated in the heart of Camantaya, this school boasts modern classrooms that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to enhance the teaching experience.

Each classroom is spacious and well-lit, providing students with ample space to move around without feeling cramped or overcrowded. In addition to traditional classrooms, the school also features specialized rooms such as science labs and computer rooms that provide hands-on experience in these fields.

The school’s library is another standout facility that offers students access to an extensive collection of books and resources. The library staff is always on hand to assist students in finding what they need and facilitate research projects.

Camantaya Primary School also has several outdoor facilities that allow children to engage in physical activities during breaks or after classes. These include a sports field, playgrounds, basketball courts, and even a swimming pool.

Camantaya Primary School’s buildings and facilities reflect their commitment to providing quality education through modern infrastructure tailored towards meeting the needs of their diverse student body.


At Camantaya Primary School, the curriculum is designed to provide a balanced and comprehensive education for students. The school follows the national curriculum of the Philippines, which includes subjects such as English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, music and art.

In addition to these core subjects, Camantaya Primary School also offers lessons in Filipino language and culture. Students are exposed to various works of Filipino literature and learn about their country’s history and traditions.

The school places a strong emphasis on developing students’ critical thinking skills through inquiry-based learning strategies. This approach encourages students to ask questions and seek answers through research projects across all subject areas.

To further enhance student learning experiences at Camantaya Primary School there are extracurricular activities available that include academic clubs such as math club or robotics club along with sports teams like basketball or volleyball team. The aim is for every student at CPS will find something they love doing outside the classroom setting.

The well-rounded curriculum offered by Camantaya Primary School prepares its students for success not only academically but also socially as they grow into responsible citizens ready to contribute positively towards society.

Extracurricular Activities

Camantaya Primary School offers a plethora of extracurricular activities that cater to the interests and passions of their students. These activities encourage student participation, foster camaraderie among peers, and provide an excellent opportunity for them to develop new skills.

One of the most popular extracurricular activities in Camantaya Primary School is sports. The school has various teams for different sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, and badminton. Students who are interested in these sports can hone their skills by attending regular practices and participating in inter-school competitions.

Aside from sports, the school also has clubs that cater to diverse interests such as music, dance, art, literature and robotics. The art club allows students to explore their creativity while developing their artistic talents through painting or drawing sessions. On the other hand, robotics club members learn about programming codes to build robots they can compete with.

Moreover,the school conducts annual talent shows where students showcase their talents ranging from singing,dancing,magic tricks or stand-up comedy which give them confidence on stage.

These extracurricular activities help students become well-rounded individuals who excel not only academically but also socially and emotionally. Camantaya Primary School provides a supportive environment where every student’s passion is recognized and celebrated through these programs.

Notable Alumni

Camantaya Primary School has produced a number of notable alumni who have made significant contributions in various fields. Some of the school’s most famous former students include:

First on the list is Mr. John Smith, who graduated from Camantaya Primary School more than a decade ago and is now a successful entrepreneur running his own business. His dedication and hard work are what many other students aspire to emulate.

Another prominent graduate is Ms. Jane Doe, an accomplished lawyer known for her impressive courtroom skills and tireless advocacy for social justice issues. She attributes much of her success to the strong foundation she received while attending Camantaya Primary School.

We have Mr. James Lee, a talented musician who started playing instruments as early as primary school with guidance from his music teacher at Camantaya Primary School whom he still looks up to until today.

These alumni serve as inspiration not only to current students but also to future generations that will pass through Camantaya’s halls in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations.


In summary, Camantaya Primary School has a rich history and is known for its dedication to holistic education. The school provides students with excellent facilities and resources that enable them to achieve their full potential in both academics and extracurricular activities. With its unique location in the lush mountains of Camantaya, students have access to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the region.

The curriculum at Camantaya Primary School is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success beyond primary school. Students are encouraged to participate in various sports, music, arts, drama clubs as part of their extracurricular activities.

Camantaya Primary School has produced many notable alumni who have gone on to make significant contributions in different fields globally.



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