Cotta (Barangay Cagboaya) San Agustin Tablas

Cotta (Barangay Cagboaya) San Agustin Tablas

Looking for a hidden gem in the Philippines where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Look no further than Cotta, a tranquil barangay nestled in the scenic San Agustin Tablas Island. With its pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, Cotta is an idyllic destination that promises to take your breath away. In this blog post, we’ll explore all that Cotta has to offer – from its fascinating history to its top attractions – so pack your bags and get ready for an adventure like no other!

Cotta is a barangay in the municipality of San Agustin, Tablas Island, Philippines

Cotta is a charming barangay located in the northeastern part of San Agustin, Tablas Island. With its unspoiled beauty and breathtaking landscapes, Cotta has become a popular destination for tourists looking to escape from the city’s chaos.

This serene paradise boasts a population of 2,335 as per the 2015 Census. The locals are friendly and welcoming, making it easy for visitors to relax and enjoy their stay.

Cotta is accessible by boat from Santa Cruz port town on Tablas Island. Visitors can take in stunning views along the way while breathing in fresh sea air that revitalizes your senses.

While Cotta may not have big-city amenities, it offers an unparalleled experience of natural beauty at every turn. From magnificent beaches to lush greenery all around – you will fall in love with this place!

It is located in the northeastern part of the island and has a population of 2,335 (2015 Census)

Cotta is a small but vibrant barangay located in the northeastern part of Tablas Island, Philippines. With a population of 2,335 according to the 2015 census, it may seem like just another ordinary community at first glance. However, Cotta has much more to offer than meets the eye.

Despite its relatively small size and population, Cotta boasts of picturesque views that are sure to take your breath away. From quaint houses nestled amidst lush greenery to stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters as far as the eye can see – there’s something for everyone here.

The people who call Cotta their home are warm and welcoming too. They have a strong sense of community and take pride in their barangay’s rich history and culture. Visitors will find themselves immersed in local traditions such as fiestas or “pista” which are celebrated with great enthusiasm by locals.

While its population may not be large compared to other areas within San Agustin Tablas Island; what Cotta lacks in size it more than makes up for through its natural beauty, friendly people and vibrant culture.

Cotta is accessible by boat from the port town of Santa Cruz, Tablas

If you’re planning a visit to Cotta, accessing this beautiful barangay is easy. The only way to get there is by boat from the port town of Santa Cruz, Tablas. A short 30-minute ride on a pump boat will take you to the pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters of Cotta.

The boat ride itself is an enjoyable experience as it takes you across the calm waters of Tablas Island’s northeastern coast. You can soak up stunning coastal views along the way and even spot some marine life swimming in their natural habitat.

Once you arrive at Cotta, there are several resorts and accommodation options available for visitors who want to spend more than just a day exploring this picturesque barangay. From beachfront cottages to luxurious villas with private pools, there’s something for everyone in terms of lodging options.

If you’re feeling adventurous, rent a kayak or paddleboard from one of the local rental companies and explore the coastline further. Or simply relax on one of Cotta’s serene beaches while soaking up some sun and enjoying breathtaking views.

No matter what your preference may be, visiting Cotta is an absolute must when traveling through San Agustin Tablas Island!

The barangay is known for its white sand beaches and clear waters which make it a popular tourist destination

Cotta, a beautiful barangay in San Agustin, Tablas Island is famous for its stunning white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. The place boasts of picturesque landscapes that attract tourists from far and wide.

The long stretches of pristine beaches offer visitors the perfect spot to unwind, soak up some sun or indulge in water sports activities such as snorkeling, diving or kayaking. Tourists can swim in the calm waters without worrying about strong currents or rough waves.

Apart from spending time on the beach, Cotta offers plenty of opportunities for adventure enthusiasts to explore its rich marine life. Snorkelers can witness an array of colorful fish species while diving enthusiasts can explore wrecks dating back to World War II.

Moreover, with a laid-back atmosphere and friendly locals who are always ready to lend a helping hand, Cotta offers an ideal getaway destination for those looking to escape the hustle-bustle of city life.

So if you’re planning your next beach vacation in the Philippines and want a peaceful experience away from crowded tourist spots – look no further than Cotta!

Cotta has several

Cotta has several attractions that make it a must-visit destination on Tablas Island. Its white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning scenery provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and adventure.

Whether you’re looking to take a dip in the ocean, go snorkeling or diving to explore underwater marine life, or simply want to bask in the sun while enjoying breathtaking views of the surroundings, Cotta has something for everyone.

The warm hospitality of its locals also adds to its charm – visitors can experience local culture through food tours and visits to nearby farms.

All in all, Cotta is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by travelers seeking an escape from city life. With its natural beauty and friendly people, it’s no wonder why this barangay continues to attract tourists year after year. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head over to Cotta today!

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