Cresta De Gallo 

romblon island

Cresta De Gallo 

I visited the island for the nth time in April of this but this time, I brought along a lady friend who took a long vacation from her permanent residency in Africa. It was a long travel from Tablas Island (where she took a flight) then we proceeded to Sibuyan Island by motor boat via Romblon route. After so many attempts to convince her to come, my friend was excited to see my hometown and Cresta was top on the list. It was a beautiful fine day and hired a motor boat (good for 3-4 persons) at Php2,500 (almost US$47) and we reached islet for less than a hour. We were first group to arrive in the island, and we immediately found a shaded area for us to rest. The quietness and calmness of the place invited us to stroll around the island, that every angle of the place was captured in my digital cameras. The sand bar at the far end of the islet was quite wide and long, compared to my last visit. The sand bar’s location and size change as being influenced by the weather or season annually. Surprisingly, there were no big starfishes along the beach. We stayed until 2PM as the motor boat owner told us that strong wind was coming towards the afternoon and it might create bumpy ride due to big waves. Indeed, together with a friend, this island hopping to Cresta was another best escapade and it always bring a strong desire to come back again! I intend to stay overnight for my next visit to the island.


This island is very beautiful. We enjoyed the pristine waters and white beach as we were the only ones who visited that day. It has no water and electricity but couple of hours stay is ok. This is a must visit place.


Amazing view, white sand, insanely blue water, only two people living on the Island. Perfect for a 4hr stay with sunbathing, photo shooting and nice walk around the Island. You can see the reef on the way there, but due dynamite fishing it is not as nice as in other parts of Philippines. Still with insanely clear water this was fun!

Cresta De Gallo 👣
San Fernando, Romblon

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