Cresta de Gallo Island: Your Guide to This Hidden Paradise

Discovering Cresta de Gallo Island: Your Guide to This Hidden Paradise


Nestled in the culturally rich and biodiverse Romblon Province of the Philippines, Cresta de Gallo Island is an off-the-beaten-path sanctuary. This tiny, idyllic land of pristine white sandy beaches and emerald-green waters remains largely untouched by the booming tourism industry, making it an undiscovered paradise.

How to Get to Cresta de Gallo Island

The journey to Cresta de Gallo takes time but offers its own unique rewards. From Manila, catch a flight to Tugdan Airport in Tablas Island, and then make your way by land to either Looc, San Andres, or Odiongan. Here you’ll catch a boat to Sibuyan Island, where your final leg via another boat ride to Cresta de Gallo begins. It’s a journey that gives you a taste of island hopping from the get-go!



The Wonders of Cresta de Gallo Island: Activities and Attractions

Once you land, you’re immediately greeted by the island’s breathtaking turquoise waters and untouched natural landscapes. Days here can be spent snorkeling, with the crystal clear waters offering direct visibility to the vibrant marine life.

For divers, the unspoiled coral reefs located around the island make for a thrilling exploration. Island hopping opportunities to nearby islands are equally exciting, with serene surroundings allowing you to truly disconnect from the outside world.

If you are a nature enthusiast, short nature walks and hikes up small hills reward you with an array of local flora and fauna.

Responsible Travel: Accommodation and Sustainability on Cresta de Gallo Island

Accommodations on Cresta de Gallo are limited but functional, aligning perfectly with its commitment to sustainability. The island promotes eco-tourism, constraining large scale commercial establishments and encouraging visitors to engage with local businesses.

As a visitor, you are a guest in this natural wonder, and it is your responsibility to preserve its beauty. Always respect the local environment, limit waste, use resources sparingly, and consider staying in eco-friendly homes.


Practical Information for Travelers

The best months to visit Cresta de Gallo are between November and May, when the weather is most pleasant. Pack light, bring eco-friendly toiletries, and wear breathable attire. Remember, you are visiting a place with limited resources, so use electricity sparingly and minimize waste.


Cresta de Gallo Island is more than just a destination; it’s a mindful journey into an undisturbed world. As you indulge in its natural offerings, remember to respect the local customs and environment that make it such a special place. To explore Cresta de Gallo Island is to discover a hidden paradise you’ll long to return to. So come, dive deep, explore responsibly, and let the spirit of adventure guide you.

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