The Bucket List: Fun Things To Do In Romblon

Work has been a major bummer lately, and it seems like the only thing that can get us through the day is checking out a destination from our bucket list.

We have five things to add to our bucket list for Romblon, the small island off the coast of Palawan that’s quickly gaining popularity.


1. Climb to Mt. Guiting-Guiting

Locals call this mountain “G2,” but international bodies named it “Galapagos of Asia” Mt. Guiting-Guiting dominates the landscape of Sibuyan island in Romblon province.

Being one of the most difficult trails in the Philippines, this mountain will leave you breathless. No wonder it’s a perfect destination for hiking, camping and other nature enthusiasts. The jagged terrain, lush forest, fresh air and views during sunrise/sunset/night are definitely worth the effort it takes to conquer this mountain.

Who says you must be by the beach to enjoy the white sand and cerulean waters? A trip to Romblon will prove it. Home to some of the best snorkeling diving sites, the island boasts a myriad of convenient beaches and coastlines that cater to divers and snorkelers.

If you’re fond of sandbars and coral reefs, Bonbon beach can perfectly fit the bill. However, Cobrador Beach and Tiamban island is your way to go for those who want to enjoy the serenity. Enjoy your sunset while watching the waves lap on the shore, or snorkel among the coral reefs as you dive under.


3. Catch a boat filled with fresh local seafood

A trip to Romblon will leave you with more than just memories. The island has its own way of providing entertainment through fresh fish and seafood. Catch a fisherman’s wharf where marine products are rich and cheap.

Fresh fish, crabs, lobsters and other seafood will definitely add flavor to your experience. Then, dive right into the culture of Romblon as you enjoy their distinct dishes and cuisines prepared with local ingredients.

Mornings are different from the busy working days in the city. Shorelines are usually packed with vendors selling fresh fish and seafood, so you can grab some fresh catch and enjoy it right on your trip.

Wanna get a glimpse of the history of Romblon? Take a trip to their historical forts.

At Santiago, take a tour of the fort and explore the various tunnels and rooms. You can also visit its historical museum and battle site. Finally, Fort San Andres gives you a story behind its creation. This fort has witnessed many historical breakthroughs built as part of Romblon’s defense system against pirates.

Wrap Up

With a lot of things to do, this small island has tons to offer. It’s great for camping, swimming, diving and hiking lovers. So if you’re tired of the daily routine and feeling guilty about not seeing nature at its best lately, check out these five places in Romblon. You will definitely have the time of your life.

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