Lambingan falls

romblon island

Lambingan falls

Lambingan Falls is nearly 30 minutes by tricycle from the Bagumbayan Beach
Resort. Located near the street, it was a short hike up to the first pool where one
would see a make shift shower from a reservoir tank, a nipa hut and a small pool
of clear mineral water coming down from the mountain side. A short waterfall can
be seen from the rocky waterway.

However, upon exploration, this was the first of
a line of nice waterfalls upriver. We had to scramble through the rock walls
holding on to the bamboo railings to get up the river. It was worth the tedious
climb. After 15 minutes we saw the zigzag waterfalls and a bigger catchment
pool. We dove into the clear mineral water and felt the soothing effects of the
cool mountain water. It was very energizing to be in the middle of a forest, dipped
in cool mountain waters and with very few explorers and curious tourists like us.
We enjoyed ourselves for about 30 minutes and started to descend since it was
near sunset and it would not be wise to trek in the dark. The scenery though
would be imprinted in our memory for that very soothing dip in cool waters…truly

We enjoyed the place as we had it all to ourselves when we visited.
The water was clear and place was ok. There were some steps going to the
place where I find it challenging.

One of the pristine natural pool in Sibuyan Island. The attraction has so much
potential to be developed but the issues with right of way toward the site is a real
turn off. Visitors have to go through a private property first before they could visit
the site.

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