Marble Beach

romblon island

Marble Beach

It is good to see natural view here. You will enjoy the free diving here because of
the cool staffs. They will guide you until you are good enough to go by yourself
while diving. Coral reefs and fishes made me enjoyed the under the water view. I
hope this kind of treasure will be keep until next generation comes.

At this beach is a really good freediving school, (Dumagat Freedive). You can
see turtles and many nice fishes. The freediving cours is value for many and the
teacher is really professionel and a nice guy. You can also stay at Marble Beach
Resort next to the school for only 700 pesos. Enjoy!
White sand beach 14km away from the port of Romblon, the locals say you can
see sea turtles and sea horses snorkeling. When I went I didnt swim out very far
but saw a Lionfish.

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