Navigating Romblon: How to Get to Bonbon Beach & Where to Stay

Navigating Romblon: How to Get to Bonbon Beach & Where to Stay


Welcome to Romblon, a stunning province known for its captivating marble products, charming local culture, and breathtaking beaches. One gem that definitely stands out is Bonbon Beach – an idyllic stretch of white sand that stirs the wanderlust in every traveler.

Navigating Romblon: A Traveler’s Haven

Romblon’s appeal goes beyond its engaging landscapes. There’s also excitement to be found in navigating its winding roads and discovering the exotic scent of its markets. Unlock the charm of Bonbon Beach and the comforts of some top-tier accommodations that serve as perfect respites after a day of exploration.

Directions: How To Get To Bonbon Beach

To get to Bonbon Beach, you’ll need a bit of effort, but the trip is well worth it. If you’re traveling from Manila, you can take a direct flight to Tablas, followed by a jeep or tricycle ride to San Agustin and then a boat trip to Romblon.

If you’re coming from Boracay, take a boat to Tablas, then follow the same route. From Cebu, first head to Batangas, and then take the boat to Romblon. Keep in mind that reaching this paradise involves some land travel and a crossing on the sea, so prepare for a journey that’s part of the memorable Bonbon experience.

Unique Stays in Romblon: Where To Put Your Feet Up

When it comes to accommodation, Romblon offers a variety of budget-friendly and luxury options. For a luxuriant stay, check out Sea Breeze Inn on Bonbon Beach, offering stunning beachfront views in a serene and peaceful environment.

Romblon Fun Divers & Inn is a mid-range accommodation that offers cozy rooms and an in-house dive tour. If you’re traveling on a budget, Parc Bay Mansion offers comfortable dormitory-type rooms with basic amenities.

Traveler’s Tips: Navigating Romblon Like A Local

While you’re in Romblon, remember to respect the local customs and contribute positively to the community. Be mindful of disposing of trash properly to preserve Romblon’s natural beauty.

Let your senses sway with rich flavors of Romblon’s local cuisine. Try the native dishes like Sarsa and Binakol, and don’t miss the refreshing taste of the tropical fruit Siniguelas.


Immerse yourself in the compelling charm of Romblon, savor the sun on Bonbon Beach, and indulge in cozy stays as you travel around this undiscovered gem. Its crystal-clear waters, white sand, and rich culture await your arrival.

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