Pinamitinan Falls

romblon island

Pinamitinan Falls

Surrounded by the rainforest and also some coconut plantages the Pinamitinan Waterfall is actual the tallest waterfall on Sibuyan Island.

Unfortunatly he shows his full beauty especially after a rainshower or after a rain in the night.

On the photo you can see some massive black rocks and also a white mix of clay.

This guided tour, hosted by Sibuyan Adventures, starts from the Boathouse | Olango Bay with a Tricycle or Motorbike to drive to the entrance of the hiking point.

You will have two possibilities to enjoy the Pinamitinan Fall:

– 1st –
within the guide you hike up to the source of the fall


– 2nd –
the guide brings you to the lower area and you can take a bath or a shower under this fall. Of course you can combine also both possibilities 😉
At least this Pinamitinan Tour needs approx. a half day.

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