Renting A Car Tips For First-time Travelers in Romblon (Self-Drive)

Sun, sand and sea meet an enchanting world like no other. This is Romblon. A secluded province in the Western Visayas region, what makes it unique is the undiscovered islands and pristine beaches, which offer a refreshing experience for first-time travelers in Romblon.

The untouched and relaxing beaches and white sand cascading from the cliffs welcomes you to Romblon. In this province, you will only see women wearing sarongs and men wearing jeans. You might also see aging cars on the roads and horses on the farms. Residents here are known for their kind manners, warm hospitality and welcoming spirit to foreigners.

But to fully enjoy the few relaxing days and nights of your stay, you must research to find out which place is right for you.

Some accommodations, restaurants and tourist spots might be inaccessible by public transportation. In addition, driving on the province’s roads can be a little dangerous because of the lack of familiarity with the streets.

If you are going to rent a car in Romblon, here are some things that must be considered before renting one:

1. Traveling in Romblon requires a car. Public transportation is limited, and most of the roads in the province are narrow and winding. Habal-habal mostly dominates the road as they are more easily accessible.

2. Always brings your travel documents. For example, a travel clearance is needed to rent a vehicle in the region. And also, bring your passport, as this is one of the required documents in Romblon, especially for foreigners.

3. Plan your trip ahead of time. Although driving around Romblon isn’t as tedious as in Manila, you still need to plan your trip. The availability of cars is limited, and the roads are not necessarily navigable for those not used to tiny roads.

4. Avoid driving late in Romblon as most public establishments close early. And since it’s a province, don’t expect them to have 24/7 service like in Manila or Cebu.

5. Secure cash and snacks. Although on the island, you might pay more for a room or a meal. Prepare extra cash because the prices of Romblon are way cheaper than in Manila. A mini-bar will be enough to feed you if you are in a hurry to travel. Bring snacks to munch on because often there might be times that you don’t see the restaurant or hotel until it’s the closing time!