The Boathouse – Sibuyan Island Philippines

The Boathouse – Sibuyan Island Philippines

“Picture yourself waking up to the sound of gentle waves lapping against the shore, feeling a cool ocean breeze brush across your face, and being surrounded by stunning natural beauty. This is what it’s like staying at The Boat House in Romblon – an idyllic retreat nestled on a private island paradise that offers endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Join us as we take you on a journey through this hidden gem of the Philippines, where luxury meets nature and unforgettable memories are waiting to be made.”

The boat house in Romblon

The boat house in Romblon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Philippines. It is a beautiful structure made of wood and bamboo that sits on the edge of a lagoon. Visitors can take a tour of the house, go for a swim in the lagoon, or simply relax and take in the stunning views.

The different types of boats in Romblon

Romblon is a province made up of several islands, and as such, there are many different types of boats that can be found here. The most common type of boat is the outrigger canoe, which is used for fishing and transportation. There are also sailboats, motorboats, and even wooden boats that have been around for centuries. No matter what type of boat you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Romblon.

The history of the boat house in Romblon

The boat house in Romblon has been a fixture on the island for over a hundred years. It was originally built as a storage facility for the boats of the local fishing fleet, but has since been repurposed as a tourist attraction.

The boat house is located on the south side of the island, near the village of Banton. It is a large, two-story building with a thatched roof and an open-air second floor. The first floor is used for storage and workshop space, while the second floor is where the boats are kept.

Visitors to the boat house can tour the facility and see how the boats are built and maintained. There is also a small museum on the second floor that chronicles the history of the boat house and its role in the island’s economy.

The people of Romblon

Romblon is an archipelagic province of the Philippines located in the Mimaropa region. Its capital is the town of Romblon on Tablas Island. The people of Romblon are known for their hospitable nature and their ability to make visitors feel at home. The province is also known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and lush vegetation.

How to get to Romblon

Romblon is an island province in the Philippines, composed of 20 islands. The biggest and most popular island is Romblon Island, which is also the capital of the province. The other islands are Banton Island, Simara Island, Carabao Island, Tablas Island, and Sibuyan Island.

There are two ways to get to Romblon: by land or by sea.

If you’re coming from Manila, you can take a bus bound for Odiongan or San Agustin at the Integrated Bus Terminal in Pasay City. The travel time is around 10-12 hours. Once you arrive in either town, take a tricycle to the port where you can catch a ferry to Romblon Island.

Alternatively, you can fly from Manila to Tugdan Airport in Tablas Island. There are daily flights offered by Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. From the airport, you can take a tricycle to Looc Port where you can catch a ferry to Romblon Island.

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