Tiamban Beach

Tiamban Beach, Romblon

Another popular destination in Romblon, Tiamban Beach, is the place for vacationists looking for a secluded and less touristy spot. What’s more? Tiamban Beach is very close to the famous Bon Bon Beach. So stopping by at Tiamban Beach is ideal for those looking for a tranquil place to unwind!

But why visit Tiamban Beach? If you’re traveling with your friends or family, Tiamban Beach is one the best place to stay in Romblon. With its fine white sand, crystal clear blue waters, and gently slanting seabed, Tiamban Beach makes a great swimming place for families with kids.


Aside from that, one of the draw cards Tiamban Beach offers is the availability of nearby accommodation, which Bon Bon Beach doesn’t provide. There are other resorts in the area also offering basic facilities and camping. So staying for the night or two shouldn’t be a problem.

On the other hand, make sure to buy some food and drinks along the way, especially if you’re only staying for the day. Considering that Tiamban Beach is an unspoiled spot, there are little to no establishments in the area, and the resorts may only offer limited food options.

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Where To Stay in Tiamban Beach

Located at Barangay Lonos, Tiamban Beach is also a go-to spot for tourists exploring the nearby beaches, such as Bon Bon Beach and Margie’s Beach. And after a day of beach bumming, staying at Tiamban Beach will take your fatigue and stress away.

So if you’re looking for a place to stay in Romblon, Tiamban Beach Resort is one of the most recommended budget-friendly accommodations by most tourists. However, this resort doesn’t have a restaurant, and you need to inform their staff ahead of time if you want to order cooked meals.

Also, note that it’s not their regular service. So tourists are advised to buy their food and other supplies before going to the resort. Nonetheless, you can find a nearby restaurant where you can grab your meals called Marlin Bar. It’s approximately 850 meters away or a 15 to 20-minute walk from the resort.

But if you’re in for convenience, the Tiamban Aqua Club Beach Resort is the perfect place to stay. This resort offers meals, air-conditioned rooms, and camping, and you can even borrow cooking utensils. Most of all, this resort has cottages shaded by trees and accommodations near the beachfront.

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Fees in Tiamban Beach

Tiamban Beach is a privately owned property. So tourists should pay an entrance fee of around P40 for adults and P25 for kids. You can also rent tables and chairs for as low as P90, and air-conditioned rooms can cost around P1,200 per night. But if you opt to camp, you should pay around a P250 camping fee per night. Note that the said fees may vary per resort and season.

How To Get To Tiamban Beach, Romblon

Tiamban Beach is only 4.1kilometers away from Romblon port and will take around a 10 to 15-minute drive or less than an hour’s walk to reach this summer paradise. But if you’re coming from Bon Bon Beach, it is approximately 450 meters or a 6 to 10-minute walk away from Tiamban Beach.

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  1. Greetings from Austria! My name is Lovely and I’ve had the privilege of visiting numerous beaches around the world. However, the magic of Tiamban Beach stands apart. It’s a place where the azure waters meet the serene coastline, creating a mesmerizing view that resonates with calm and magnificence. The breathtaking sunsets paint an extraordinary spectacle that will stay etched in your memory. I’ve left Tiamban Beach, but its unique charm and beauty always beckon me back. For anyone seeking an unforgettable coastal experience, I highly recommend this gem!

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