Top Secluded Beaches in Romblon

Whether you are planning a trip with your family or just want to explore different beaches in Romblon, there are five places that you must visit. These beaches are perfect for sun-worshiping, swimming, surfing and more.


1. Bonbon Beach

Bonbon Beach surely makes you want to stay in this place forever, featuring glistening grains of white sand and clear blue water. Located five minutes from Romblon town, this privately-owned beach is a haven for beach lovers.

Everyone is free to wander the dirt road that leads to the beach. The picturesque scenery is a delight; almost everyone goes there on weekends. Also, you’ll surely enjoy how the waves hit the shore during low tides since there’s a sandbar across Bang-og Island.


One of the marine sanctuaries in the country, Logbon Beach’s white sand beach is a medley of natural beauty. Its clear waters and earthy tones make it a destination for nature lovers. In addition, the secluded beach is like an oasis for visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Stretching more than two kilometers, this paradise features a small sandbar filled with palm trees and boats. It is ideal for snorkeling, swimming and surfing since the water is smooth and the waves are calm.


El Nido, Boracay, Galapagos Islands and even Bora Bora have their own beauty, but Alad Beach in Romblon definitely tops them all. Set away from civilization at the foot of Mount Calavite, this is the perfect destination for beach lovers who want to explore its beaches and sunbathing spots.

This inhabited island is situated in the south of Corridor island. The turquoise waters are clear, the sand is white, and the waves are soft. You’ll see vibrant sponges, colorful corals and jaw-dropping marine life, which are a sight to behold.

The island is known for its seclusion, and everyone dreams of staying there. If you’re here, you’d surely want to experience everything: sunbathing on the white sand beach, historic ruins, diving and snorkeling in the secluded paradise, and cave-hunting.


4. Cobrador Island

If you wanna fully unleash the gems behind the name of Romblon, don’t miss to drop at Cobrador island. It is located on the northwestern tip of the island and is accessible by boat. The island is secluded; hence no vendors sell their products there.

A long white sandy beach and clear blue waters make the place so enjoyable. You can swim and snorkel while enjoying the sea breeze; or just chill by the beachside.

There you go — this blog has given you enough reasons to visit Romblon. So pack your bags, get a flight ticket and discover it now!

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