Aglicay Beach

romblon island

Aglicay Beach

This resort is perfect for people that like a relaxing vacation. It is in the end for a
road in th middle of jungle and 2 rise field valleys. The resort was without clients!
Only me, my wife and friends of mine.

Superb reef, good accommodation, clean
and big room, beach incredible.The restaurant is beautiful but only serve local
food. The serving is good, fresh local food. I’m Italian and I would like more high
quality food. We tell them to improve that!
I’m happy because I have my Italian portable espresso coffee machine. We
spend the night singing karaoke on the nipa house on the beach, temperature 24
25 degree with little wind. Good for everyone.

I was lucky to remember my wine.
Anyway absolutely to recomand to anyone love the see, the beach and the reef.
The place is quite. You can go on for a short trek to see the whole view of the
resort and observe sunset. Sunset can be perfectly see at the beach itself.
Be warned, the food are quite expensive.

If you’re on a budget you can bring
snacks or own cooked food for overnight.
a nice place with white beach, sit and relax, plenty of room for you to strole to a
desired place, or climb the hill and see the overlooking highlands, look down at
the ocean while sitting in the breeze, Glenda and Willie are great hosts.

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