The Wondrous Marble Production in Romblon


The Philippines is one of the world’s largest producers of marble. The country has more than a hundred types of marble, which makes it a mecca for lovers of this type of stone. Romblon is one among the many regions in the Philippines that produces marble and its popularity cannot be denied because many famous buildings have used its beautiful marbles.

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Why Romblon is Known for Marbles

Romblon is a marble haven in the Philippines. It’s the only province in the country that has marble deposits, and it produces 80% of all marbles in the Philippines. The province’s economy depends heavily on its marble industry: many people work in quarries or factories making tiles, sinks and countertops out of these precious stones. Romblon has been known as “the land of marbles” ever since Spaniards started mining here centuries ago.

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Odiongan and Mabini as Marble Producers

Odiongan and Mabini are the two towns that produce marbles. The marble industry is a major source of income for the province, as well as an important part of its heritage. It has been around since the Spanish era and was revived by the government in 1993, when they established a marble museum where tourists can learn about its history and process.

A Marble Haven in the Philippines

The marble industry in Romblon has been a long-standing tradition, with the island province being one of the biggest producers of this beautiful stone. The rich history of marble mining in Odiongan and Mabini is something that should be preserved and shared with future generations so they can learn from it as well.

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