Bachawan Elementary School (Bachawan)

Bachawan Elementary School (Bachawan)


Are you looking for an excellent elementary school that provides quality education and a nurturing environment for your child? Look no further than Bachawan Elementary School! Located in the heart of Bachawan, this school has been providing top-notch education to students since its establishment. With its well-designed campus, modern facilities, engaging curriculum, and diverse extracurricular activities, Bachawan Elementary School is undoubtedly an ideal choice for parents who want their children to excel academically while enjoying their learning journey. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into what makes Bachawan Elementary School stand out among other schools in the region.

Location and History of Bachawan Elementary School

Bachawan Elementary School is located in the tranquil town of Bachawan, which is situated in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The school was established several decades ago with the aim of providing quality education to children living in and around Bachawan.

The history of Bachawan Elementary School dates back to a time when there were very few educational facilities available for children residing in rural areas. With a vision to empower young minds with knowledge and skills, the school’s founders set out on a mission to build an institution that not only makes learning accessible but also fun for its students.

Over the years, Bachawan Elementary School has grown from strength to strength, expanding its reach and incorporating new teaching approaches into its curriculum. Today it stands tall as one of the leading elementary schools in the region.

Thanks to its strategic location amidst lush green fields and hillsides, students at Bachawan Elementary School have access to plenty of fresh air and open spaces that stimulate their creativity and imagination. This perfect blend of nature and academics makes studying at this institution both enriching and fulfilling.

The Campus and Facilities

Bachawan Elementary School’s campus is located in the heart of Bachawan, surrounded by lush greenery and scenic views. The school has a spacious and well-maintained campus that covers an area of over 5 acres, making it an ideal environment for students to learn and grow.

The facilities at Bachawan Elementary School are top-notch, with state-of-the-art classrooms equipped with modern technology to enhance student learning. Each classroom is spacious enough to accommodate around 30 students comfortably. Moreover, there are science labs, computer rooms, language labs and libraries available for students.

The school has several other facilities that cater to the needs of its students such as a playground where they can engage in sports activities during their free time. There are also art rooms where students can showcase their creativity through painting or drawing classes.

Bachawan Elementary School places great importance on the safety and security of its students; hence there are CCTV cameras installed throughout the campus for surveillance purposes along with trained security personnel who maintain round-the-clock vigilance.

Bachawan Elementary School provides a conducive environment for learning which is facilitated by its excellent infrastructure and modern facilities. It aims not only to educate but also develop well-rounded individuals who will be able to contribute positively towards society in the future.

The Curriculum

Bachawan Elementary School takes pride in its well-designed curriculum that is tailored to meet the needs of every student. The school’s curriculum revolves around three significant areas: academics, creativity, and character development.

The academic program focuses on developing students’ foundational knowledge in core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Filipino language and Values Education. The teachers employ innovative teaching strategies and methodologies to ensure that every child understands the concepts taught thoroughly.

In addition to academics, Bachawan Elementary School also emphasizes creativity as a vital aspect of learning. Students are encouraged to participate in various art programs like music lessons and visual arts classes. These activities help stimulate their minds while honing their artistic skills.

Moreover, character development plays an essential role at Bachawan Elementary School. As part of the curriculum design process here they integrate a series of workshops aimed at teaching valuable life skills such as teamwork collaboration responsibility leadership empathy among others which prepare them for future challenges ahead.

Bachawan Elementary School has created a distinct approach for delivering quality education by providing an integrated educational experience where students get not only excellent academic training but also develop essential life skills necessary for success beyond school years.

Extracurricular Activities

At Bachawan Elementary School, extracurricular activities play a crucial role in shaping the holistic development of students. These programs are designed to engage and challenge students outside of their academic pursuits.

The school offers various clubs and organizations that cater to different interests such as sports, music, dance, arts, and more. Students can join multiple clubs depending on their preferences and availability. The teachers who oversee these clubs are passionate about the subjects they teach and provide excellent guidance for the students.

Sports enthusiasts can participate in basketball or volleyball tournaments while budding artists can showcase their talents during art fairs or painting contests. Those interested in music can join the choir group or learn how to play musical instruments.

Moreover, Bachawan Elementary School also encourages community service through volunteer work by partnering with local charities where students extend help to those who need it most.

Participating in extracurricular activities not only helps improve social skills but also develops leadership qualities among children at an early age. Through these programs, Bachawan Elementary School ensures that its students grow up to be well-rounded individuals equipped with necessary life skills beyond academics.

The Student Body

Bachawan Elementary School has a diverse student body that reflects the cultural and ethnic richness of its community. Students come from different backgrounds, bringing with them unique perspectives and experiences that enrich their learning environment.

The school is committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for all students, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual orientation. Teachers work to create a supportive atmosphere where every student feels valued and respected.

Bachawan Elementary School also offers programs designed to meet the needs of students with special education requirements or English language learners. These programs ensure that all students receive the support they need to succeed academically.

Students at Bachawan Elementary School are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports teams, music groups, and academic clubs. These activities allow students to develop new skills outside of the classroom while building friendships with their peers.

Bachawan Elementary School’s student body is made up of talented individuals who are passionate about learning and making positive contributions to their community. The school provides them with an environment where they can thrive both academically and personally.


Admission to Bachawan Elementary School is open to all students who meet the school’s requirements. Parents or guardians who wish to enroll their child must submit an application form along with the necessary documents such as a birth certificate and previous academic records.

The school aims to provide quality education for each student, regardless of race, religion, gender, or social status. As such, admission is based on merit and availability of slots in each grade level.

Bachawan Elementary School also conducts entrance exams for incoming Grade 1 students. The exam assesses the readiness of children in basic subjects like reading comprehension and mathematical skills.

Meanwhile, transferees from other schools are required to undergo interviews and take diagnostic exams before being admitted into the school.

Parents can contact the admissions office for more information about enrollment procedures and requirements. It’s important to note that admission doesn’t guarantee automatic promotion in higher grade levels; rather it depends on a student’s academic performance throughout their stay at Bachawan Elementary School.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and Financial Aid

Bachawan Elementary School offers affordable tuition fees, making quality education accessible to students from all walks of life. The school understands that education is a fundamental right for every child, regardless of their financial status. That’s why they offer various financial aid programs to help families who need assistance with paying the tuition fee.

The school provides scholarships and grants to deserving students based on academic merit or financial need. Students can apply for these programs during enrollment season, submitting necessary documents such as report cards, recommendations, and income statements.

Additionally, Bachawan Elementary School participates in government-funded financial aid programs such as the Educational Service Contracting (ESC) program and the Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) program. These programs provide support to qualified students by covering part or all of their tuition fees.

Families who are still struggling financially may also opt for flexible payment schemes offered by the school. They can choose installment plans or negotiate personalized arrangements with the finance office according to their capacity.

Bachawan Elementary School prioritizes providing quality education while ensuring that it remains within reach for everyone.


Bachawan Elementary School is a wonderful institution dedicated to providing quality education to its students. Its location in the heart of Bachawan makes it an accessible option for families residing in the area. The school’s focus on providing modern facilities and extracurricular activities ensures that their students receive a holistic learning experience.

With a strong emphasis on developing critical thinking skills and promoting values such as respect and responsibility, Bachawan Elementary School prepares its students not just for academic success but also for life outside the classroom.

If you are looking for an excellent elementary school that gives your child a well-rounded education, then Bachawan Elementary School could be worth considering. With experienced teachers, state-of-the-art facilities, and engaging extracurricular activities, your child will have everything they need to thrive academically and personally at this fantastic institution.

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