Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School (Lusong)

Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School (Lusong)


Welcome to the Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School in Lusong! We are a premier educational institution that has been providing quality education to young minds for years. Our school is dedicated to molding our students into well-rounded individuals who are equipped with knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success in their future endeavors. In this blog post, we will take you through our rich history, excellent curriculum, outstanding teachers, top-notch facilities and tell you why choosing Lusong Elementary is the right decision for your child’s academic journey. So sit back and read on as we give you an inside look at what makes us stand out from other schools in the area.


Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School (Lusong) has a rich history that spans several decades. Founded in 1954, the school was initially called Lusong Central School and was established to address the educational needs of the local community.

Over time, the school underwent several changes and improvements, including its renaming after Severina M. Solidum, a beloved educator who dedicated her life to serving young students in the area.

Throughout its history, Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School (Lusong) has remained committed to providing quality education to children from all backgrounds and walks of life. The school’s mission is rooted in promoting academic excellence alongside values such as respect for diversity, dedication to service, and love for learning.

Today, Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School (Lusong) continues to uphold this legacy by offering innovative teaching methods that cater to each student’s unique learning style while staying true to its long-standing tradition of academic excellence and cultural enrichment programs.

Our Curriculum

At Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School (Lusong), we take our curriculum seriously. We believe that a well-designed and executed curriculum is key to providing a high-quality education to all of our students.

Our curriculum is designed with the aim of preparing our students for success in their academic, personal, and professional lives. It is based on the latest research and best practices in education, ensuring that it meets the needs of today’s learners.

We offer a comprehensive range of subjects across different disciplines such as science, mathematics, social studies, language arts and physical education among others. Our teachers use innovative instructional strategies to make learning more engaging and effective.

Moreover, we also provide opportunities for enrichment beyond the standard curriculum through extracurricular activities like clubs or organizations which cater to students’ interests outside traditional classroom settings.

Our rigorous yet flexible approach toward learning ensures that each student receives an individualized educational experience tailored to their unique strengths and potential for growth.

Our Teachers

Our teachers at Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School (Lusong) are highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible education for our students. They have been carefully selected based on their teaching experience, expertise and passion for learning.

Each of our teachers is committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore their interests, develop new skills, and build meaningful relationships with both peers and adults. They work tirelessly to ensure that every child receives individual attention and tailored instruction that meets their unique needs.

Our team of educators is equipped with the latest teaching methodologies, technology tools and resources that enable them to design engaging lessons that capture the imagination of young learners. The curriculum they deliver challenges students intellectually while also fostering creativity, critical thinking skills, teamwork, leadership abilities and empathy.

We take pride in our diverse faculty which includes experienced local instructors as well as international educators from different cultural backgrounds who bring a wealth of knowledge and perspectives into our classrooms. This diversity translates into an inclusive learning community where everyone feels valued regardless of their background or abilities.

At Lusong Elementary School we believe that our teachers make all the difference when it comes to creating an exceptional educational experience for our students. We value their hard work dedication and professionalism in shaping future generations of leaders who will contribute positively towards society.

Our Facilities

At Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School (Lusong), we pride ourselves on providing top-notch facilities that cater to the needs of our students. Our school is equipped with modern amenities that ensure a comfortable learning environment for all.

Our classrooms are spacious and well-lit, allowing students to learn in an environment conducive to their academic growth. We have air-conditioned classrooms that help keep our learners cool during hot days, ensuring they remain focused throughout their lessons.

We also have a library filled with books covering various topics and subjects, making it easier for our students to access resources for research or simply enjoy leisure reading. Additionally, we have computer labs with up-to-date equipment essential for technological literacy development among young learners.

Our school canteen provides healthy meals prepared by trained professionals who prioritize nutrition while maintaining quality taste. Moreover, our playgrounds provide ample space where children can engage in physical activities such as running and playing games.

At Lusong Elementary School, we believe that every child deserves the best facilities possible to support their educational journey fully. Therefore, we invest heavily in upgrading and maintaining our facilities regularly to ensure maximum comfortability and safety standards are met at all times.

Why Choose Lusong Elementary?

Choosing the right elementary school for your child is a crucial decision. You want to ensure that they receive quality education, have access to excellent facilities, and are taught by competent teachers. At Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School (Lusong), we offer all this and more.

One of the main reasons why you should choose Lusong Elementary is our commitment to providing a well-rounded curriculum that caters to each student’s unique learning style. We understand that every child has different needs, strengths, and weaknesses; hence we tailor our teaching methods accordingly.

Our experienced and dedicated teachers also play a vital role in ensuring students’ success at Lusong Elementary. Our faculty members are knowledgeable about their subjects, passionate about teaching, and always ready to go above and beyond for their students’ welfare.

Moreover, our state-of-the-art facilities provide an ideal environment for students to learn effectively while enjoying themselves. From modern classrooms equipped with multimedia tools to spacious playgrounds where kids can play during break time – everything is designed with the utmost care towards creating a comfortable learning atmosphere.

Choosing Lusong Elementary means joining a community of supportive parents who share common values in shaping their children’s futures positively. Together with them, we strive towards excellence in academics as well as personal development.

There are numerous reasons why you should choose Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School (Lusong) for your child’s educational journey – from tailored curricula and expert faculty members to top-notch facilities and supportive communities focused on making sure every student succeeds!

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Severina M. Solidum Memorial Elementary School in Lusong. Our school has a rich history and is committed to providing our students with a high-quality education that prepares them for success in the future.

We believe that every child deserves access to quality education, and we strive to create an environment where all of our students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our curriculum, teachers, facilities, or enrollment process, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or by phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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